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Mixing equipment

Hosokawa Micron has developed a wide range of innovative mixing equipment and technologies for powders, pastes, slurries and liquids. Our mixing technologies can be used for a multitude of applications, like homogenizing bulk materials, improving product quality, coating particles, fusing materials, wetting, dispersion of liquids, altering functional properties and agglomeration.


This paper will discuss the requirements for dispersive mixing. Current dispersive mixing elements used in single screw extruders will be analyzed and the lack of efficient dispersive mixing will be explained. A new generation of dispersive mixing elements will be introduced for use both in single and twin screw extruders.

Effect of mixer geometry and operating conditions on mixing

Mixing of a 2% CMC solution in a Readco continuous mixer was examined. • This non-Newtonian fluid was analyzed using a 3D FEM simulation. • Increasing mixer speed increased ν x and ν y magnitudes. • Simple shear flow was seen at high shear rates in the center of the mixer. • Efficient dispersive mixing appeared at the barrel wall.

Mixers / Zeppelin Systems

Efficient production lines with high availability and reproducible product quality can only be achieved with optimum systems technology and a process that is designed for the specific requirements of the respective product. Our systems and mixers guarantee this in continuous and batch-based system solutions.

High Efficient MX15 Screw Mixer/screw Mixing

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High Efficiency M-5000TG Steam and Cold Water Mixing Unit

Recover expensive water, sewage, and energy utility costs by improving efficiency and reducing water usage--benefit from a savings up to 20%. THE M-5144TG HE is a high efficiency steam and cold water mixing station modeled after the standard M-5000 TG mixing station.

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Screw Cone Mixer (Nauta Mixer)

2013/6/3 · Screw Con Mixer (Nauta Mixer) "Efficient Screw Mixer (Nauta Mixer)" Screw cone mixer requires small power due to mixer's direct connection of retarding device and possible to mix in high ...

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High Speed Heater Mixer

In a High Speed Mixer, the heat generated due to friction if utilized for mixing, hence it’s known as “High Speed Heater Mixer”. High speed mixers are used to mix solid to solid, liquid and pasty components. The Seven Star High Speed Heater Cooler Mixer are used

Conical screw mixer

When you want to mix segregative, free-flowing powders and pastes that require perfect mixing quality and accuracy but require careful treatment, a conical screw mixer is a proven solution. Gently mixing with perfect accuracy. The Vrieco-Nauta® conical screw mixer from Hosokawa Micron is convective mixer with high mixing efficiency and ...

EXTRUSION: Barrier Screws and Mixers : Plastics Technology

Aug 17, 2015 · Barrier screws eliminated the need for the supplemental mixers, as melting could be controlled and completed in the barrier section with no need for the high-shear mixers. Yet even today, there are quite a few barrier screws equipped with high-shear mixers, when their need has theoretically been eliminated from barrier screws. I find this puzzling.

Efficient™ Extrusion Screw - Nordson Xaloy

Consult Nordson Xaloy's Efficient™ Extrusion Screw brochure on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/1 ... Pulsar® Mixing Screw. 1 Pages. Z-Mixer? Screw. ... High-Performance ...

New developments in mixing and screw design

As a result, the VIP mixer in a single screw extruder achieves more effective distributive mixing than a similar device in a twin screw extruder. Download : Download full-size image; Figure 4. Intermeshing region in twin screw extruder (left) and in VIP mixer (right).

Blenders & Mixers

Blenders & Mixers Blenders & mixers are an important part of the bulk materials processing industry. Food products, fertilizers and chemical compounds are just a few of the bulk materials that require blending and mixing. Blending or mixing is the process of thoroughly combining different materials to achieve a homogenous …

Using a conical screw mixer for more than mixing

A conical screw mixer can be adapted to handle processing tasks in addition to mixing, which can eliminate the need for additional equipment in some applications. This article introduces you to conical screw mixers, then explains how the mixer can be adapted handling other tasks while mixing, such as heating and cooling, drying, agglomerating ...

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Maximize Your Extruder Output While Optimizing Your

Mixers The UR Series High Output, High Efficiency Screw is available either with a gearhead mixer or without a mixer. The gearhead mixer provides a superior homogeneous mix and is suitable for resins with color additives. All screws with gearhead mixers are made from base material 4340 HTSR. This

High-speed mixer, High-speed blender

conical screw mixer / continuous / high-speed / automatic ContinoMIXX Contact conical screw mixer ContinoMIXX... continoMIXX combines homogeneous mixing with effective kneading. In addition to direct kneading in the ContinoMIXX, we work with various ...

Continuous Mixing of Silica based Rubber/Filler-Composites in

energy [6]. The discontinuous mixing in internal mixer has some advantages, for example: high flexibility regarding different recipes and mixing orders. A major disadvantage of this process is that the batch mixing in internal mixer leads to differences in mixture quality from one batch to another [7-8].

Rauwendaal Extrusion Engineering

The mission of Rauwendaal Extrusion Engineering, Inc. is to provide technically advanced and high quality products and services to the plastics industry. To develop new machinery and processes that allow plastics processors to improve quality and to make products more efficiently.

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Dynamic Melt Mixer - DMX Mixer, Inc

A Dynamic Melt Mixer provides superior mixing in a very simple setup, which is beyond the mixing capabilities of other mixers and extruders, even twin-screw extruders. The Mixer can be simply attached to existing single-screw or twin-screw extruders as a component.

Kawata High Speed Mixing Technology

The long mixing time requires larger batches. This increases costs and the size of equipment before and after the mixing process. This method uses a large screw to push materials against the walls of the tank; High-viscosity materials are likely to stick to the walls making thorough mixing difficult or impossible.

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Get a Z Blade Mixer Extruder from Jaygo Inc

If you’re looking for a high quality Z blade mixer extruder, Jaygo Inc is the place to go. Visit our site today to see all of the products we offer. Double Arm Mixer Extruders Jaygo's Mixer Extruders include an extrusion screw located in the bottom of the mixing ...

Single Screw Mixer | Meyer Manufacturing Corporation

The Meyer Formula Single Screw Mixer is available in sizes from 425 - 570 cubic feet. This is a premium, low profile single auger machine that offers tons of options while providing the best mix quality. Standard features include: 1000 RPM drive, in-line quad axle, heavy duty tubular chassis and a 4 point scale system.

Vertical Cone Screw Blender

The efficiency of the vertical cone blender can reduce operating cost due to its lower power consumption per unit volume. Advantages of Vertical Cone Screw Blender. Flexibility of Batch Size. Because of the vessel geometry and configuration the vertical cone screw blender can operate efficiently with batches as small as 10% of blender capacity.

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